Current Highlights


    If you have made, or are making, a documentary or film that has relevance to your country, yourself and your community, and explores the issue of human rights, this is your chance to get your story heard.

    Wayang Piknik is a small grant programme that gives you the chance to host a small private gathering amongst your friends.

Can you believe it’s already May? We’re already halfway through 2015! So far it’s been a really busy year for FFF. Even though we’re still four months away from the festival, all the preparation is keeping us on our feet. In addition to the preparation for the festival, we also had several opportunities to organise screenings with some really cool events. Here are our April highlights: artACT! In conjunction with artACT! a month long program that explored the power of art to affect change, FFF held a weekly free screening at Publika. artACT! organised multiple exhibitions, talks, and forums that discussed different issues. From migrants and refugees, environmentally conscious businesses, and sexual and gender identity, there were many important issues explored at artACT! FFF showed a total of 19 films every Monday for 4 weeks. The themes were children, short and sweet films, art ...