FreedomFilmFestival (FFF) is Malaysia’s most established annual human rights film festival. We adopt the themes encompassed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). We believe that the protection of basic human rights is the foundation for genuine justice, peace, equality and democracy.

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“UNSEEN, UNHEARD, UNTOLD” Pusat KOMAS FreedomFilmFest 2015

2015 FFF Travelling Fest Program

We will now be taking the FFF films for a tour around Malaysia and Internationally. Join us at any of the locations below.

View by Location : Penang | Pahang | Perak | Johor | Singapore | Sabah | Sarawak | Melbourne

2015 Festival Films

The theme for the year, “Unseen, Unheard, Untold” represents the unravelling of the many sides to a story that have yet to be seen, heard or told. Through these 26 films that are being featured this year,  we hope to refresh your perspectives on freedom and the world around you.

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