“UNSEEN, UNHEARD, UNTOLD” Pusat KOMAS FreedomFilmFest 2015

“Unseen, Untold, Unheard” was the theme of PUSAT KOMAS’ FreedomFilmFestival 2015 held in PJ Live Arts, Petaling Jaya, Selangor from Sept 11th – 2oth, 2015. Over 2,000 people participated in the film screenings, master classes, video activism workshop and award ceremony. Among the participants of this year’s festival were filmmakers, festival organizers, partners and fellow activistsContinue Reading

FFF Throwback

Can you believe it’s already May? We’re already halfway through 2015! So far it’s been a really busy year for FFF. Even though we’re still four months away from the festival, all the preparation is keeping us on our feet. In addition to the preparation for the festival, we also had several opportunities to organiseContinue Reading

2014 Summer Tour Guide


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