Wayang Piknik


A small grant programme that gives you the chance to:

Host a small private gathering amongst your friends
Watch a film or two from our smashing FreedomFilmFest collection
Receive RM100 for a BBQ /food and drinks

Start conversations about topics that you interested in and want to share with your buddies.

Important Details:

1. There are 20 grants of RM100 available.
2. Event should take place between April till December 2016
3. Open to any student, communities, collectives, organization.
3. Submissions from out of Klang Valley are preferred
5. Able to secure a minimum of 20 audiences for the gathering.
6. Minimal requirement is to post and tag #wayang piknik pictures in social media such as FB, Twitter and Instagram.

Apply by filling up the form here. FreedomFilmFest will get back to you at the shortest time.